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Sweet Dreams by Pencilartguy Sweet Dreams by Pencilartguy
A little practice sketch I was drawing last night chat. A random werewolf lady with a young male human. The werewolf is a woman named "Esmerelda". Who she is and what she does I have yet to think of. Not entirely sure if I want her to be a serious character, though given all that I have done with her in this drawing, I am considering it.
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latent-ookami Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
OoOOOoOO!!! catching love !! The anatomy! Your skills keep growing, it's so great to watch! Even her paw!! Look at that paw!!La love   Love this!
Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
Thank you! Yeah, she is a sweet ladywolf. Maybe some day I will commission you to draw her.
PieIsAGamer Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It looks really cool man!
Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
Johnithan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome work as always my friend!
somerandomplayer Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
She definitely looks pleased with the sleeping human.
UnbridledWolf Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So lovely, I like amorous relations between werewolves and humans
Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Connor18 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
This is a pretty good sketch. I take it she's his lover or something? I've always found those sorts of relationships interesting to write about, especially given the sometimes vastly different lives depending on the werewolf and human in question.
Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Thanks! Maybe she is. Maybe she is just using him. I didn't really think of a strong background when I did this one. Have you written any stories about this particular issue?
Connor18 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
The main one now is Biting Chill, between Frank and Amaline. Frank being a psychic means he's not exactly an average human, but it's still a bit strange for him being with a werewolf who's also French-Canadian (though more French) and doesn't speak a lot of English. Although, given how Frank's been on the run for the past year with people trying to kill him, he's certainly thankful for the company at least.

It's fascinating to try and think about what issues would pop up, not just between normal humans and werewolves, but many other kinds of people. My Aberrations for example look utterly bizarre in their normal form, and even when human they still have a prehensile tail and frills that split off from their skin but they're almost completely human in both genetics and behaviour, with maybe a few animalistic traits.
Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Interesting. How did Frank acquire his powers? Or was he born with them? And why are people after him? did he wrong somebody?

I have a few super powered humans myself in my world. In my universe a supernatural radiation titled the Miasma was released across the world that killed around two or three billion of humans and mutated millions more who were born with a special gene. These superhumans are known as "conductors" and they have numerous supernatural ablites, such as wielding powers over electricity, fire or ice. Some with superhuman strength, etc. Not only that, there are mutated animals as well, like for example, dogs with spines or spikes or bears with electrical crystals extending out of their body. When all this happened, much of the world fell anarchy. There is still some civilization along the East Coast of the United States and it is slowly recovering but the threat of instability is still present.
Basically, try imagining what would come about if you combined X-Men, Pokemon and The Last of Us all in one and you get my world.

Two of my main characters are James and David, both of whom are the sons of a notorious werewolf hunter and multi-millionaire named Adam Winston. Unlike many conductors, Adam actually unlocked his powers long before the Miasma, though he kept them a secret. James used to be that little condescending rich idiot playboy who was, in a few ways, very much like Quebecoiswolf's Jonas Stildolph though far less murderous. Adam on the other hand was a terrifying father. When James was 18, while Adam was training James to hunt werewolves he manipulated him into killing his childhood friend, who was a werewolf. And if that was wasn't enough, after the Miasma James awoke surrounded by dozens of dead members of his family and electricity coming out of his hands. And on that same day David was attacked by a werewolf and turned when he was only 5. For a whole year Adam subjected David to painful experimentation if hopes of trying to restore his humanity. Ultimately, as James saw that the experiements were getting more and more life-threatening, he eventually took matters into his own hands and mounted a rescue. During a scuffle with Adam, James (by accident) shot his father in the chest. After that, James and David were on their own for around 5 years with no money, no provisions, nothing but that clothes on their backs and whatever was in their pockets in a lawless America before making to the East Coast.
There is a lot more to the backstory of these two but that is in a nutshell what happened. James and David are now 24 and 12 years old and have been molded by the world they live in.
Connor18 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Basically, all psychics are born of at least one psychic parent, or through a random mutation that appears in almost all human civilisations across the multiverse. It gives them the trademark telekinetic powers, ability to sense incorporeal beings (ghosts, creatures from other dimensions and that sort of thing) and feel leftover emotions from a particular area (like a battlefield), as well as a number of other abilities. The main aspect of the power is the strange sense in their minds that lets them find, and when close enough open, pre-existing doorways to other universes which is probably the main feature of the power too.

A psychic can have a rough life after the awakening and can be chased by creatures who can travel between worlds or by various groups. Frank was targeted by a powerful cult who think psychics are dangerous and demon infested, or at least that's what the members claim, and subsequently has been living in terror for over a year since. He had to leave his home and family, and has gotten innocent people caught up in the crossfire over the months, which has played on his conscious a lot.

That sounds pretty terrifying. Those mutants sound pretty nasty too, wouldn't like to creeping around an abandoned warehouse and find one of them jumping out at me. The Conductors seem pretty interesting, definitely a good mix for some action and horror there. I'm wondering what sort of governments are around or have formed since? I can't imagine that the general population has taken too kindly to conduits, unless they've done some good for the people like superheros?

So the powers were around before the Miasma? Sounds like a bit of a conspiracy going on there as well, I like it. Oh dear... yeah Jonas is a douche for sure, I get what sort of person James was, now. Yikes, sounds like it was one horror or tragedy after the other! I can't imagine either David or James have gotten past much of that trauma. So it was just them on their own in a terrifying, post apocalyptic world after that? Honestly, I'm quite intrigued by the setting and the characters now. I'd love to read a bit of it if you've got a story out, I like original post-apocalyptic worlds like that. 

Yeah, I'll bet they've had to adapt to some crazy circumstances in a place like that.

I've got a couple of Post-Apoc worlds that are sort of original. One of them, Utopia which is where Biting Chill takes place, was inspired by dreams I used to have as a kid. It's roughly four times larger than real life Earth and can be very surreal. It was hit by a flux wave, a type of multiverse weather, over a hundred years ago sending the laws of physics in localised areas of the universe into chaos and opening portals to nearby worlds at random. Then there's Cavalier which is even more creepy and mysterious with abandoned highways, misty valleys, ruined alpine cities and spirits, phantoms and other monsters that attack people on the ground and away from coastlines or large bodies of water. Everyone either lives far up north in the Alpine regions or near the coasts and they use airships to travel between cities and worlds like Utopia. Funnily enough, Cavalier was inspired by the world of Citagazze from His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, in which strange spectres "eat" the souls of people over the age of 18 (or something like that).
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